Saturday, 22 September 2012

Brightstar says thank you for giving her resources to promote reading in her family

Brighstar is a student at Norquest college. Her three children are studying at Ermineskin Elementary. She came to the library on September 21 to sign the permission slip for the library's Take-Home books program.  When she is studying and doing her home work, her children are reading anad then taking Accelerated Reading program tests. Thank you Frontier College and INDIGO for promoting reading in families by giving books to families.

Jason Wildcat says thank you

Jason is a Reading Coach and he plans to read and give books to his students, nieces and nephews.  Thank you Frontier college for promoting literacy for First Nation communities.  Thank you INDIGO Love of Reading Foundation for adopting Ermineskin Elementary school.

Wesley is happy to receive books

Wesley plans to read these books to his children.  Thank you Frontier college for giving us books for the 'Reading is an Essential Skill' day celebration.

Book distribution

Book distribution

Book distribution

Friday, 21 September 2012

Grandmothers read and give books to grandkids

Grandma is taking books home to read with grand kids. Reading is a intergenerational ritual in this FNs family.